April 04, 2015

Oldskull : Tourist attraction in Japan
Move to the April the hottest month, for those people who have to go outside, don't forget to wear the sun glasses or use the umbrella, because temperature very hot. This summer many families have a plane to escape the hottest season by go to the sea or go aboard, and one of the popular country that most people want to travel is Japan.

1. Fuji Mountain, 
富士山 - As a popular tourist attraction of visiting Japan. It's height is 3776 meters which is the highest mountain in Japan. We are recommended that if you want to view very clearly. You must come during the winter. In the dark early morning or evening because of the haze, there will be less than in other ranges.

2. Tokyo Skytree, 東京スカイツリA new landmark of Tokyo views, which is considered to be the highest Tower in the world. With a height of 634 m. have been recorded from the Guinness book world records in the year 2011. Tokyo Skytree is open to high-angle view 2 level is at 350 m and 450 m. that you can see the Tokyo high angle in 360 views including Fuji Mountain.

3. Asakusa,浅草 -  One of the famous tourist attraction in Japan. That the people will don't miss to visit the Sensoji temple and take photo with the giant red lantern at Kaminarimon Gate. Also shopping for the souvenir and tasting of the delicious food at Nakamise as the first market of Tokyo. 

4. Shibuya, 渋谷 - One of the big shopping center in Japan that you can walk to another shopping area easily. For example Aoyama and Harajuku.

5. Ueno Park,上野公園  -  The ancient park in Tokyo that have a interesting attraction in there. for example Kanaji temple, Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Zoo etc. Even if a spring you will see the cherry blossom at Ueno park which is the popular place to see them too. 

For the people who has the plan to go abroad but don't know where. Japan is one of the best choice. Maybe you can see the cherry blossom in this season too. For those who are waiting for a new design, of course, It's about Japan.,But what is the design you can see in our facebook page soon



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